Bringing the Science of Thriving to Organisations and Leaders

What makes an organisation not just survive, but thrive?

How can leaders tap into the energy, commitment and resourcefulness of the people that work for them?

How do leaders deal with setbacks effectively, and tap in to greater sources of energy and psychological capital over time?

How do Leaders find their Authentic Style?

Positive Organisations applies useful skills and interventions from the field of Positive Psychology and the science of Well-Being to answer some of these questions.

We work with leaders to help them build the organisations they can truly be proud of – that outperform their competitors, and do so through sustainable, meaningful, authentic leadership and development.

Positive Organisations provides an informed, pragmatic perspective, combining both practical and theoretical knowledge to develop individual and organisational capability. Much of the work is at the ‘edge’ of what we know about human potential. Staying close to the latest developments is critical, and clients work with us to co-create new and exciting strategies to tap in to talent.

Examples of the work we do with clients are outlined on this website.